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"ZEAL STRAP" Polyester (Polyethylene    Trerephthalate) Strapping is a new alternative of Steel Strap. IT is being increasingly used for strapping medium and heavy loads in place of Steel (Iron) Strapping. It can also be used in place of other Plastic Straps where high tensile strength is required. "ZEAL STRAP" has been installed a plant to produce Polyester (PET) Strapping ranging in standard width from 9 mm. To 19 mm. and thickness from 0.50 mm. to 1.32 mm. with Quality Assurance by controlling it's quality with the Parameters of Strapping like Tensile Strength, Break Strength, Elongation Percentage in a latest computerized quality control equipments.

  Polyester (PET) Starp - 'ZEALSTRAP'
Code Width x Thickness
(mm x mm)
Meter Per
Weight / Roll Kgs.
 1.  950 09.00 x 0.50 2500  15.50
 2.  1050 10.00 x 0.50  2500  17.20
 3.  1250 12.00 x 0.50   2000  16.50
 4.  1260 12.00 x 0.60  2000  18.50
 5.  1280 12.00 x 0.80  1500  21.20
 6.  1550 15.00 x 0.50  2000  20.50
 7.  1560 15.00 x 0.60  2000  24.50
 8.  1570 15.00 x 0.70  1500  21.25
 9.  1580 15.00 x 0.80  1500  25.00
 10.  1680 16.00 x 0.80  1500  26.50
 11.  1690 16.00 x 0.90  1500  29.75
 12.  19110 19.00 x 1.10  700  20.20
 13.  19125 19.00 x 1.25  700  23.25


Shock Loading:- "ZEAL STRAP" performs well under "shock loading". When a heavy box strapped with "ZEAL STRAP" is dropped during handling or transit, it rakes two and half times the energy to break as steel strap of comparable break strength because "ZEAL STRAP" can absorb the sudden forces exerted.

Elasticity :- "ZEAL STRAP" has elasticity. So, it maintains strap tension by contraction with the pack in the even of pack settlement. Steel strap my become loose if the pack configuration changes, creating a potential hazard when handling large or heavy materials.

Weather resistance:- "ZEAL STRAP" is ideal for applications where packs are to be stored in the open, as it is Ultraviolet resistant, impervious to water and retains high applied tension even in extremes of temperature ranging from 15C to 70C. It has no rust formation.

Environment Friendly :- "ZEAL STRAP" is recyclable.

Easy for handing and convenient in storage : - "ZEAL STRAP" is lighter than steel strap in weight for a given length. Therefore it consumes less space and one person can handle very easily.

Safety:- "ZEAL STRAP" created a safer work environment for users because it does not have sharp edges and so there is no risk of injuries while tensioning or cutting the strapping.