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  • manufacturing Polyester (PET) Strap of supreme quality
    Zeal Polymers Pvt. Ltd.

About Our Company

Zeal Polymers Pvt. Ltd.

Zeal Polymers Pvt. Ltd. is established with the main intention of manufacturing Polyester (PET) Strap of supreme quality. Each batch of raw materials and finished goods goes through extensive tests before clearance. We are manufacturing our Polyester (PET) Strap through over modern German Technology Machine.

Polyester (Polyethylene Terephthalate) strapping is a alternative of Steel Strap. Now a days Polyester strapping use is being expanding like a revolutionary change over iron strap. Polyester can be used at each of the side where ever iron strap is used.

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Zeal Polymers Pvt. Ltd.