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  Comparison Of Zeal Strap Over Polypropylene Strapping
  "ZEAL STRAP" has got greater strength than polypropylene strap of the same dimension.
  "ZEAL STRAP" will not break as polypropylene strap do when tightened too much.
  "ZEAL STRAP" can be tensioned up to 50% more than polypropylene strap of equivalent size. It won't relax or elongate like polypropylene strap.

  "ZEAL STRAP" has lower camber tendency compared to polypropylene strap. "ZEAL   STRAP" is more temperature resistant than polypropylene strap.

  Comparison Of Zeal Strap Over Steel Strapping
  "ZEAL STRAP" has higher elongation recovery. Where as steel strap has virtually no elongation recovery.

Steel strap generally cut the edges of package. Whereas "ZEAL STRAP" does not cut the edges of package. Hence, the packed product is totally protected.
  "ZEAL STRAP" is rust free and chemically inert.  It does not leave any mark on surface caused by stapling.

Special cutting tools are requires for cutting steel strap. "ZEAL STRAP" does not require any special cutting tools.

While cutting the tensioned steel strap there is always a chance of accidents due to "Whip lashing" "ZEAL STRAP" does not pose any such hazards.

  "ZEAL STRAP" is 80% lighter than steel strap. Hence, there is saving in freight cost.

  "ZEAL STRAP" is easy to handle and reduce machine downtime due to less frequent strap core changes.